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Inside Google South Korea as a Google Women Techmakers Scholar

Utter the words, ‘I’m going to Google’ and a collective awe spreads across faces like seeing your favourite singer on stage for the very first time. Google has undoubtedly reached rock star status in the collective consciousness of almost anyone who has ever had the privilege of accessing the internet, and with good reason. Built in the dorm rooms of two uni kids with a dream and a motto of ‘don’t be evil’, they’ve created a powerhouse of a company with an ethos and culture to match. That’s what most of us thought until we read the now infamous Google anti-diversity memo.

Three weeks after Gizmodo released it to the interwebz, I jetted off as an Asia Pacific Women Techmakers Scholar with stars in my eyes but also a bitter taste in my mouth with the echo of the old trope of women being biologically inferior to men, just as Australian Indigenous populations, Jewish people and African Americans have been thought to be at various times in our not too distant past.

The retreat which is held annually at different offices across the globe was held in South Korea for the 71 2017 Asia Pacific Scholars.

Feminist digital activism: The revolution is being streamed, snapped and tweeted

While the internet is undoubtedly a cesspool of sexual harassment, it is also the site of digital activism. With the creation of digital activism, a feminist and female-led revolution, once pronounced dead – has been reignited. As Gil Scot-Heron famously said, “The Revolution Will Not be Televised” (1970); somewhere, on the internet, it will be streamed, photographed, tweeted and then turned into a meme. We know historically that rights are fought and won on the streets. This was true of women’s right to vote, and women’s right to work. Increasingly, this fight has been incorporating the use of social media to challenge institutions, governments and individuals to act where they have otherwise failed to do so. This blog examines how hashtags such as #CountingDeadWomen, #BlackLivesMatter, #IllRideWithYou, #YesAllWomen, #NotOkay, and others, are now etched into the fabric of Twitter. Each of these hashtags was coined by a woman or collective of women.

WTAF is IoT?

From space, to transport, to the design of cities, IoT is the latest acronym to sweep the cyber landscape. IoT is short for Internet of Things and was coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999.  IoT is any device, be it your phone, laptop or Raspberry Pi that is connected to the internet. And so these devices come to be known as ‘things’, especially as more things like light globesfridgeswatchesTVs and vending machines are internet enabled. Depending on your position, this is either great for business or terrible for the human proclivity towards laziness because who wouldn’t want to turn their lights off from the comfort of bed right? Business and government are particularly keen on the Internet of Things and what it can potentially do in terms of increased productivity, efficiency and citizen engagement. But the take home from many of the sessions at Melbourne’s recent IoT Festival was that many people have no idea what IoT is or how it can impact them in positive ways.


I’ve knelt down and opened my mouth to check the heart beat of many women it lives there louder than the organ that sustains us but only this time have I opened my heart wider than my legs and said   I love you for the way you make my eyes widen before our lips have a...

Gender Inequality in the IT Sector and Why it’s Bad for Business and Society

This piece focuses on diversity from a gender perspective. It recognises that the term diversity encompasses many more social categories than gender, such as, race, nationality and sexuality. However, the piece limits its discussion to gender, and specifically, to...