About Me

I am driven by a search for ways to analyse how we interact with each other and the world around us and to deliver these insights in interesting and thought provoking packages designed to fracture otherwise cemented ways of thinking.

I’ve got a slew of credentials to my name like PhD, BA (Hons) in Sociology and a BBus. Info. Systems majoring in Data Analytics. My PhD was on the history of western philosophy and how we have become so-called rational beings, what the limits of using rationality are and what truth is.

I have a deep love of understanding human behaviour and learning new skills to do this in ever more innovative ways.

I’ve got a long history working in research and communications which gets me excited about life, possibilities and social change. I’ve done a career pivot and now work in Cyber Security as an ethical hacker who specialises in web application and API security.

I’m also a poet and spoken word artist in alternative lives so some of that is also thrown in for good measure. 

I write from the heart but believe all claims to fact should be evidence based so I always conduct in depth research into whatever it is I’m commenting on.

I write across diverse subject areas including lesbian culture, female desire, domestic violence, LGBTI issues, feminist digital activism and often review the latest events and happenings in the cyber security and digital analytics space.

I hope you enjoy my work.

I’m always happy to take commissions.